Bay area dentist Bic Chiem


favorite dentist in the whole world

Dr. Chiem, You are my favorite dentist in the whole world… such a gentle, confident, kind and excellent method of professionalism.

Lorye from Sausalito, CA

an artist when it comes to smiles

I highly recommend Dr. Bic Chiem. She is an amazing cosmetic dentist who is very detailed oriented, highly skilled, has a great eye, and is an artist when it comes to smiles. Prior to meeting Dr. Chiem, I’ve had existing issues and work done on my teeth that needed to be fixed. Some veneers I’ve had in the past would crack, wouldn’t work with my bite (or over bite) and would come off. Dr. Chiem worked very well with me and the ceramist Chris from the lab to achieve natural, beautiful results. She always asked for my opinion and what I thought each step of the way. I always valued her opinion as well. When evaluating temporary or final (veneers in this case), she is incredibly detailed and sees much more than shade and shape of teeth. You can tell that she has had lots of experience, training, incredible technique, and has done many cases.

What I’ve learned from Dr. Chiem is cosmetic dentistry is a process that takes time, not only two weeks as many dentists promote/advertise. They do not specialize in cosmetic dentistry. There is a lot involved in cosmetic dentistry to achieve desired results — from a thorough exam at the beginning and making sure your teeth are healthy before any work is done, developing a model, temporaries, design checks, and try-ins, so the patient will know what the final result will look like and to make sure it works well with the patient (i.e patient’s bite, speech, etc) before the final cementation. It takes time and patience and the end result is definitely worth it.

Finally, Dr. Chiem and her office staff are very warm, friendly, professional and take time with their patients.

Lordelyn is from Mariposa, CA

joy as a dentist

My Mom has always been a hard core critic, so when I say she noticed and complimented my smile, it was a HUGE compliment! She even noticed the smile being broader like I would have had if they left my original “mouth” alone. And she said the color looked great and could tell they were brighter although not too white. WOW I WAS STUNNED! I’ve also received a few compliments at the gym; from women of course, I’m sure that goes without saying.

Thank you Bic, for finally giving me the perfect smile I’ve always been striving for.

You are not only a joy as a dentist but you light up the entire room when you enter it. You are so beautiful in every aspect.

Jill is from Alamo, CA

work is flawless

Having become dissatisfied and frustrated with the rushed and impersonal care that has become the status quo in todays medical and dental offices, I went in search of a higher standard. When I arrived at the office of Doctor Chiem, I knew I had found it. During the consultation, I found all of my many questions answered and a clear path presented to me for improving my somewhat poor dental health. It was necessary for me to be seen by both a Periodontist and an Endodontist. This process was orchestrated swiftly and efficiently by George, the genuinely amiable office coordinator. In both cases, the doctors I was referred to were of the highest quality in their attention to my problems,and their approach to solutions.Since then I have had two fillings replaced by Dr Chiem. From a practical point of view, the process was painless and I have had no problems with the fillings. From an aesthetic point of view, the work is flawless, and nearly indistinguishable in appearance from a perfect tooth. Add to all of this Dr Chiem’s affable personality and great sense of humor, and you have a dentist, and a dental office that rises well above the rest.

James F. Oakland, CA

you work with my best interest at heart

Dear Dr. Chiem,You are a wonderful dentist! In addition to your excellent work, your thoughtfulness and caring demeanor makes me feel very comfortable. I always get the feeling you work with my best interest at heart.The bonding procedure you did to repair my chipped front tooth is AMAZING. I was expecting to see or feel the repaired part of my tooth, but incredibly I can’t tell which part is the bonded section. The color match is perfect and it looks completely natural. When I tell others I had chipped my tooth and part of it was replaced, they are in disbelief. That is a true testament to your work! Thank you!

Darren is from SF, CA

The Human Touch

I have to sincerely thank Dr. Chiem for my ability to eat ice cream tonight!This is how the story goes:I had a crown done by another dentist and had excruciating pain after. I went back to the same dentist THREE times to evaluate and each time, he shaved off more and more of my new crown. Hmmm… The worst part aside from messing up my new crown is that the pain still persists!I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Chiem. From the first phone call to scheduling the appointment to the day off, George, the office manager made it a breeze.After Dr. Chiem listened to my complaints and performed some tests, she determined that my bite is high and explained that she have to remove the high spot. I learned that it’s the spot I hit first when I bring my teeth together. Instead of grinding everywhere like the other dentist, she seemed to know EXACTLY where it is, shaved only that spot, and polished. After she did that, I’m seriously NOT kidding, the pain and cold sensitivity completely dissipated!!I am a FOLLOWER for life!!! She gave me the ability to eat again! She knows her stuff, she listens, and genuinely cares. Dr. Chiem has what I call, “The Human Touch”!

Ruby F. from San Francisco, CA

warm and joyful personality

I’d always felt my upper two front teeth was too out over the lowers. Dr. Chiem carefully evaluated my teeth structure and suggested I consider Porcelain Veneers to reshape my front teeth profile. I am very satisfied after the procedure and would recommend her to anyone. Like others have said about her, she’s a wonderful professional dentist that you can completely trust. Her warm and joyful personality also make me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure.

Stephanie C. from Mountain View, CA

hands down the best dentist ever

I just realized today how much I LOVE going to see my dentist! She is hands down the best dentist ever!!HONEST: She tells it like it is…but in a really nice way.

METICULOUS: She won’t let you leave until every plaque is gone. Her fillings are virtually invisible!
SKILLED: She seriously has hands of an angel! Stable with a super light touch.
SUPER COOL: She’s just super cool!!!I just love Dr. Chiem!

Lisa L. from Union City, CA

everything perfectly done

Well, this testimonial is going to be little bit different then the others because I was not only lucky to be Dr. Chiem’s patient but I also worked with her as her assistant.She is also one of my best friends now. I absolutely love everything about her. The most loving, kind and easy going person I ever met. So down to earth for someone who is a dentist 🙂 The one thing that amazes me about her work is what a perfectionist she is. You can be sure that you’ll have everything perfectly done because there is no way she is going to let you go from that chair unless both of you are happy.Never hesitate to ask Dr.Chiem questions about anything. She is patient and happy to explain everything to make you comfortable . She’s very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. If you are thinking between two dentists, pick Dr. Chiem and I guarantee you’ll love her because there is no one who doesn’t like her. It’s hard to find a good dentist not only as a patient but as a dental assistant. Dr.Chiem definitely made my days at work very enjoyable and always looking forward to coming to the office to work with her.

Love, Mina from Walnut Creek

art of dentistry

“Dr. Chiem, you are a wonderful dentist, with outstanding skills in the art of dentistry. Your attention to detail, esthetics, a proper bite, as well as your personality, exceeds that of all the dentists I have had over the past five decades. Thank you for having me as a patient!”

Charles S.- Mill Valley